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Alright, admittedly this isn't a commercial but in some ways it is much funnier than the Psoriasis ad I recently shot, in other ways it is not. 

This was a bit we did during the EARLY days of Twitter before world leaders started using it as a pulpit. 

"Got It"

Chase Bank

Two years after shooting a spot for CHASE bank they called me and the same actor back for another spot. These Chase ads were fun because they were heavily improvised and as you can see the spirit of competition got a bit out of hand. 

"Share Shot"


It is a shock there wasn't more melanoma developed on this shoot. We were on the Santa Monica Pier for the better part of 10 hours. I'm sometimes in awe of the places I get to work.  Again, this commercial was a heavily improvised shoot where our director  Craig Gillespie really set us up to play and have fun. 

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Selected Commercials

Do we get fired?


In this, the penultimate, episode of Season 2 of Billions Asia Kate Dillion's character, Taylor, is tasked with firing someone. 

The week before the AXE CAP team was shooting episode 210 in this amazing mansion in Queens.  We had all been joking that the year before episode 11 saw several characters get fired. We wrapped that shoot around 4am and as we were all ramming breakfast burritos into our faces the script for 211 arrived in our inbox.  We can plainly see in the first 5 pages that Taylor will be firing someone and with the exception of a few stalwarts we all think it could be us.  The van ride back to basecamp was silent as everybody skimmed through the script looking for their character's name.

Working on BILLIONS is an absolute dream. Brian Koppleman and David Levien run an incredibly inclusive, professional and creative set so the thought of not being invited back was terrifying to everybody. The faux arrogance in this scene is very real as a result. 

Improvised Drama

I Love You...But I Lied

People LOVE this show. I LOVE YOU .... BUT I LIED has this amazing global following.

Here's the pitch to the actors. The premise is this -  twelve years after your son's birth your wife's maternity nurse arrives to inform you that your child is not your child. Babies were switched at birth. Oh one more tiny thing - your biological son that has been raised by other people has just been diagnosed with a hereditary incurable disease. Wait sorry, there's more... your wife is pregnant and the new baby may have that disease. 

Got it?

Ready. Improvise the scene. 

So fun. 

I earn my SAG card

Man of the House

Less than a month after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin I got a call to go see Beth Sepko with an audition for a new movie Luke and Owen Wilson were shooting.  This is what is great about Beth and working in Austin. I went in to read for the part and Beth asked me to stick around and read for another film she was casting.  She was casting three films concurrently because Beth is a boss.

That second film was Man of The House starring Tommy Lee Jones. Beth had me read two parts for the film and I left. A month later they invited me to the table read where the director,  Stephen Herek, asked me to play this friend of the protagonists' neighbor! (How's that for credit?) He was eventually given the name Clay.

I started with one scene. Stephen wanted me to play around a bit and by the end of the day they were writing more material for my character.  I also got to work opposite the legend that is Shea Whigham who could not have been more kind and supportive of a first time professional actor.  All told a great way to earn a SAG card. 

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Some of My Favorite Screen Work


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