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Hi I’m Lucas Calhoun


This Site . . .

Why this Site?

For so long I have been dividing my interests, my aspirations and my career into specialized sections.

A website for my photography, a website for my acting, a different place for musings and discussions. All the things that bring me joy have been separated. It seemed necessary at the time to help people identify me. People hiring an actor didn't necessarily care that I took photos or officiated weddings. I needed to be a "brand."
 There was a thought that if I was a good actor I might not be a good photographer. A thought that having multiple interests meant I wasn't an expert in those fields. I am an inquisitive person and seeking new pursuits makes me happy.  Being a brand doesn't bring me joy. It feels 'put on' and I've lost patience with the idea of making myself a product. 

Who am I?

First and foremost  I am a dad and husband. I am also a teacher, a photographer, I am a wedding officiant, and I am and actor . While all these titles are accurate but only represent a fraction of the whole of me. This is a site where I can share some of the things that bring me joy.  Thank you for stopping by. 

Have fun!



Some examples of my acting work



Fun Stuff I Have Directed




Academic Experience

My Studies


MFA in Acting, UC-Irvine

I was very fortunate to study Knight-Thompson voice work with Phil Thompson during my time at UCI. The program only accepts 8 actors a year. My graduation showcase led me to New York where I booked my first Broadway show within a year of graduation.


BA in Theatre, UT- Austin

I went to UT to study film, I wanted to be a director but in order to get into the film program at UT you first need to establish a UT GPA. I was accepted into the theatre department when I applied to UT and after a year of establishing my GPA I got into the film program. The trouble was I missed the theatre department where it was more than just theory - we got to get our hands dirty with the work.  I graduated from the theatre department with a BA in Theatre. I also got myself Minor in Business from the business school. Just Because. 

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The Second City Conservatory

Comedy Grad School. The conservatory was an influential period in my life. At that Time I was in Los Angeles performing regularly down the street at Improv Olympic. Coupled with classes and performances I was involved in some form of comedy 6 nights a week. Here I learned to value my comedic voice.


Improv Olympic West

I signed up at classes at Improv Olympic in LA before I even had an apartment. I was couch crashing. The concepts of positively engaging with the world around you and adding to ideas over tearing them down is a staple of improvisation that has become the touchstone of my creative and personal life.


"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare